Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★½

I heard nothing but good things about this movie going into it so I was pumped. I have to say, it did not disappoint. This film is awesome. After I watch Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, I am going to try to rewatch both of them before I see Bill & Ted Face the Music just because this is the first time I am watching them and I might as well be extra familiar with them. Back to this movie, within the first 5 minutes, I instantly fell in love with the film. It was just hilarious. I mostly know of Keanu Reeves for his action movies like John Wick or the Matrix but he had comedic talent a whole decade before the Matrix. Alex Winter is just as good. I kind of just let myself turn off my brain and watch this movie. I don't usually do that. Even with other comedies like The Breakfast Club. This was just a movie I could relax and laugh during.

I do have to mention some of the problems in my review and why it's not necessarily my favorite comedy. I thought it lost part of the charm of it's concept in the second half. I just think the concept alone is really intriguing. There is also a point in the middle of the film that has basically no impact on the rest of the film. It's just a wasted couple of minutes.

Quality: 88%
Letter Grade: B+
Entertainment: 9/10