Tenet ★★★★

The way that this movie is about absolutely NOTHING and EVERYTHING at the same time.... and I loved it.

In order to enjoy this movie, you have to be okay with the fact that you won't understand half of it. Some of it still doesn't make sense to me. I feel like it's a film you have to rewatch in order to grasp the full plot. I paid $5.99 to rent this so um yeah I will definitely be rewatching because fuck your theatric release, Nolan!!! Mr. I don't care about the pandemic Headass.

What I love about Nolan's films, despite him being a little bit of pompous asshole who can't write women, is that they always leave me thinking about the film long after it ends. You really don't see that with a lot of movies these days. I still find myself thinking about the final scene in Inception. Is it real, is it fake, what's the true meaning, etc. To me, that's what makes his movies so iconic. This one in particular feels significantly more artistic and abstract to me.

JDW and R Patz are one of the best duos I've seen recently. I could watch 1000 more movies with them together. I would honestly not mind a prequel or a sequel as long as it starred the two of them.

Lighting and cinematography gorgeous as hell. Script starts off a lil weird but gets a lot better in the end. Sound mixing wack but it's expected. Those action scenes??? FUCK me UP.

The best part though? My man Ludwig absolutely murdered the score. What the fuck. It really says a lot when you can make me forget about the absence of my own favorite composer. (Hans Zimmer I'm sorry) He really fucked the whole game up with this one. If he doesn't get an Oscar nom for best score, I might actually riot.

Yeah, there were flaws. But the overall mood and pace made me ignore them and this was one of the most interesting films I've seen this past year. Time to rewatch!

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