Spencer ★★★★★

Very rarely do i find myself lost for words, stunned and stupefied by what i just witnessed. Watching Spencer was one of those times. An experience that involved numerous shrieks, gasps, sobs and moments that left me utterly dumbfounded  as i sat there as the credits rolled, still reeling. 

A haunting, masterfully crafted piece of art the intricacies and nuances of which I can’t even begin to articulate, those that make this surely among the best biographies of our time. Moving almost like it’s own stream of consciousness, Spencer is the shattering of a veneer so replete with eminent opulence to paint but a fractured portrait of isolation and the weight of the sustenance of a duality of image and perception so colossal, it beings to impede the sanity of the human psyche, spawning a disposition of any autonomy and self expression. A story, though centred on Princess Diana, is just as much about the guises too often perpetuated in society whose decadent dissonances are a glory to behold. A spiral so poignant yet agonising to witness, as that myriad of sentiments is driven to it’s breaking point. 

A striped back screenplay and score whose very nature is evocative of that wistful haze Spencer has about it makes for a somber experience fraught with a quiet rage and a fragility so humane, that the film manages to capture with such transparency and grace. Larraín brings that very grace to his direction with his seemingly effortless camera movements only to combine it with the breathtaking vivid yet soft cinematography only adding to the beauty of Spencer as the the adorned halls of Sandringham seem alive with the memories of centuries foregone. Spencer’s stoutness to go full Black Swan and gently dip into horror, a horror that so perfectly is able dissect character to me is it’s real achievement and it’s harnessing of Kristen Stewart’s Diana, a performance that brings to mind only the word transcendence, is it’s finest, foremost hallmark. 

(And probably the best film of 2021) 

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