Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★

Everything everywhere doesn’t make sense, but its good tho

- 3/5 (enjoyability)
- 4.5/5 (plot)
- 4/5 (cinematography)
- 4.5/5 (acting)
- 4/5 (pacing)
- 5/5 (scriptwriting)
- 4.5/5 (ending)
- 4.2/5 (overall)

 The movie was honestly very interesting, but in my opinion I actually looked more forward to the scifi part of the movie instead of the drama in it.

I would really love the movie if they focused a bit more about the multiverse, on how everything works, because for me, everything doesn’t make sense.

 But aside from my preferences, the movie was amazing, since its more forcused on the drama and message of the movie, they did amazing on that part.

So much realizations came to me and it even inspired me. Overall I liked the movie it was funny, and inspirational.

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