The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project ★★★★

A not-so-long time ago, when I was on a schooltrip walking in the middle of nature, one of my friends who watched a lot of horror films although he was a kid told us about that one film he saw about a certain Blair Witch. The narration didn't have a big effect on us in the middle of the day (probably because at that age you don't have big oration skills and given the nature of the film, it was pretty normal). However when night fell, and we were camping on a cavernous formation onlooking a forest nearby, I couldn't help but get a little paranoid.
With time the film's existence more or less went out of my head. I always remembered its existence, but really had no desire to see it because I was convinced that it would be boring and uneventful. Recently though I was incited to give it a chance, and so it was time to face that little film saved in my memory as a campsite ghost story.
I was not disappointed by the encounter.
The Blair Witch Project is very minimalist and simple, shot, like everyone knows, with 2 cameras carried by the characters, and mostly nothing really happens during the film. But herein lies the ingenuity of it. There are, I believe, fundamentally 2 ways of making horror: either by being subtle and concerned about horror as your background, or by throwing monsters (or bears if you are in Chernobyl) to the screen for no reason at all every 5 seconds. The Blair Witch Project is maybe the one film that takes the first way to the extreme. It's only at the end of the film that you really get the full picture of the horror, and your attentiveness and imagination is very much rewarded. And still, nothing is really explained, it's up to you to come up with an explanation for what happened.
I'd say that the 2 shortcomings of the film is first that it has somewhat aged now, and second the cast of characters could have been better. I think working something out with a group of 4 people would have been better. However these aren't very big problems.
This isn't a film for people who are impatient or who prefer horror in the form of jumpscares and frenetic chases. But for everyone else with an interest in horror, it is a must see.