Princess Mononoke ★★★★★

So I've decided to make my own 'A Favourite Film for each Year of my Life-List. As always this is just my personal opnion, I'm not saying these are the best movies, they are just my favourites. Also there are many movies I haven't seen yet, so this list could still change in the future.

1997: Another year, another obvious choice for me. Miyazaki is one of my favourite directors and this his is absolute masterpiece if you ask me. It is also my favourite animated movie of all time. The score and the animation are both brilliant, I love the story, its message, the characters, Ashitaka's journey, the setting, the atmosphere and the whole mythology with all its gods and demons. Princess Mononoke is the second animated movie that made the list, as well as the second historical fiction movie.

Won Best Picture: Nope

Budget: $23.5 million
Box Office: $159 million

Movies seen in 1997: 33

Honorable Mentions: Hercules, Good Will Hunting;

Highly rated movies I haven't seen yet: Funny Games, Boogie Nights, The Game, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lost Highway, Life is Beautiful;

Films I need to rewatch: Jackie Brown, Titanic, Perfect Blue, L.A. Confidential;

A Favourite Film for each Year of my Life
Animated Movies Ranked

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