A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★★

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I don't like to talk about it that much, but it is a fact that death is one of my biggest fears in life. Nothing is permanent, everything in life has a timer to it, and no one has ever portrayed that concept better than David Lowery right now. Just the way he shows the passage of time through the movie is so interesting, a whole lifetime passes by our eyes in only about an hour and a half. It's very reminiscent of real life, in the fact that this is honestly how time feels. A year or 2 or 3 go by and it feels like just yesterday it had started.

Also, his minimalist approach to these concepts of loss, grief, and love is amazing. I love how he's able to get these complex emotions across without any of the characters saying a single word. It really leaves room for the viewer to soak in the atmosphere of each scene, the score, the lighting, expressions, body language, etc. We're left with time to really think about what's happening in front of us, a moment to breathe, comprehend, and reflect. That being said, I feel like it's no surprise that I just absolutely loved this fucking movie. A ghost story beat me senselessly in a back alley and I thanked them for it.

*this is an edit btw, I had processed a lot of my thots about this movie over the past couple days and wanted to write them down before I forgot. Kind of pointless to do an edit seeing as no one will read this now but idk I like it so ahsbdjdhbs. Anyways definitely gonna have more when I rewatch

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