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  • The Man from Nowhere

    The Man from Nowhere

    Like a lesser Man on Fire.

    And the part that's dated the hardest and seems pretty unrealistic post-COVID is that the protagonist gives himself a fresh looking trim, like yeah sorry bro that's not happening

    Dude's hair should've looked ass, not like he just stepped out of an appointment with a high-end hairdresser

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man

    Turns out...all these years, the key ingredient Guy Ritchie was missing in order to make a great movie was Jason Statham.

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  • Midsommar


    (Theatrical cut)

    A bit hit and miss this one.

    I think watching this the day after Videodrome makes me think there's only so long you can weird an audience out before it starts to become a bit repetitive and unnecessary.

    I loved the first act, liked most of the 2nd act and then from there onwards it starts to drag.

    I know this and Videodrome are very very different but when you compare the two, one says what it wants…

  • Suspiria


    The soundtrack and the visuals are so good that honestly it makes all the other aspects that don't meet the same standard stick out like sore thumbs.

    Frustrating because there was something pretty great here.

    Also why would you dub Udo Kier of all people? That's a cinematic crime.