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  • The Sword in the Stone

    The Sword in the Stone

    Amusing and breezy as a set of disconnected animated segments, but they ultimately don't cohere into anything larger. Nothing that Wart learns from his various animal adventures with Merlin matters in the climax - he's ordained to become king regardless, and there's no post-coronation conflict where he puts his lessons to use.

  • Ant-Man


    The (ant)i-Iron Man, in that it features a suit that grants the user super powers; said user is a charming, handsome rogue; and it replays the Oedipal dynamics of the first two Iron Man films. But the suit is without any explicit weaponry, and this is all mustered in support of a narrative about working class, multi-racial/ethnic resistance (as much as this can be done in a film made by the biggest media corporation in the world) against the military-industrial…

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  • The Arrival

    The Arrival

    Imagine if a good-natured UFO-cult made a caveman Close Encounters of the Third Kind, then dropped a low budget Star Wars into the middle of it, and then copied the climax of 2001 except instead of the Star baby it ended with an old lady from suburban California. And this was all done with home made special effects.

  • Spider-Man


    I can safely report that this is still the best Spider-Man movie.