M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters

One of the best and most ambitious found footage films I've seen, M.O.M. uses brilliant film language, grabbing you from the very first shot with the young boy, and goes on to building a damning criticism of the US society and hinting towards the core of America's obsession with wars, violence and guns.

There's no coincidence that when the main character plays with the TV's remote control, the news about US and France bombing Syria is immediately followed by news about white supremacists rallying in Charlottesville. Don't worry, this is not a spoiler, it's actually a minor moment in the film, but essential to understanding the movie's core message and meaning. And there are more hints throughout the film, you need to pay attention and use your brains especially in order to understand the ending (pay attention to the title as well).

M.O.M. is way more than a thriller/horror story. Also way more than a motherhood/domestic violence story. Those are metaphors for something much bigger and wider, with worldwide real-life consequences. Something I didn't get instantly, only a couple of minutes after finishing it, in discussions with my wife, who enjoyed the film as well.