Scream ★★★½

Tons of fucking fun even though some parts fall flat. The film itself was really self-aware which is what I liked about it. My rating may go down in the future but I’ll keep it like this now based off my enjoyment. The audience at my screening was amazing but I was surprisingly the loudest one. 

I can tell that the director’s respected Craven’s previous work as they handled the past resources respectively as you can tell that they are absolute fans of the past films so yeah, the direction in this wasn’t bad. The writing was quite hilarious as they minimally broke the fourth wall but at times, it was stupid. The practical bloody violence was fucking insane as this is honestly the most brutal scream film to date.

I would say that Jenna Ortega was a massive standout in this one while the other newcomers were aight. One con that I have state is that the final act was sadly the weakest part because of execution but I won’t fully go into it because it’s spoilers. Overall, I really didn’t have expectations seeing this but this was one brutal and fun ride overall with a few flaws that I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

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