Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything Everywhere All at Once is cinema with no limits. A film that will come to pass as the one that redefines what sci-fi and the adage that films are a portal to endless possibilities really means. Wong Kar-Wai! 2001! Ratatouille (but not really!) Piñatas! Rocks! Sausage Fingers! Writing this review feels a little pointless, because truth is it is my opinion that nothing will ever capture the magic of Everything Everywhere All at Once quite like experiencing it for yourself, but here goes.

Sometimes, the world can feel a little bit like everything everywhere all at once. An endless cycle of problems that lead to newer problems. Every person is an obstacle waiting to be overcomed, and family is nothing more than a prison of your own design. In times like these however, it's important to remember the good in all the bad. To embrace the future in all its possibilities, to hold onto a shred of devil-may-care attitude because at the end of the day, as long as you remain kind, and spread love to those around you, you're never alone. Even if life presents you with failures and disappointments again and again and again, you'll still have each other and the comfort of knowing you've tried. Everything Everywhere All at Once stretches the internal reckoning of an Asian family trying to reconcile their differences, whether that be the failing marriage due to circumstances, or the particularly confusing love-hate relationship between parents and their children, the DANIELS stretches these themes to their absolute limits, in a gonzo sci-fi epic that's multiverses wide. In this cosmic search to understand the meaning of life, particularly when life is snuffed out in a sea of chaos and utter bullshit, it seemed inevitable that love would be the uniting force to conquer all. For love is why we started out this journey in the first place.

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