Cinderella ★★★

Another version of Cinderella?! Well, I wasn’t in the mood for anything too intense this evening and the movie seemed intriguing enough, being written and directed by Pitch Perfect’s Kay Cannon and signalling that it was going to be a more modern take, celebrating diversity so I thought I should keep up. 
I certainly had a frown on for the most part, but I’m not entirely sure if that was because I wasn’t fully taking to the film or because I’ve got stomach problems and not feeling my best. I wasn’t expecting the musical numbers to be re-imagined, known pop songs. Some of them worked reasonably well, some didn’t (Seven Nation Army made an odd interruption). The film’s biggest strength is definitely Camila Cabelo (who I didn’t think I knew but ah, ok she sang on Havana). Here she actually looks like a Disney animated character who has been brought to life (I mean that as a compliment) - she’s wonderfully exuberant, expressive and bursting with song and the camera can glide around her 360 degrees without putting her off. She’s great. Some of the other characters were hit and miss. Idina Menzel was pretty good as the wicked stepmother, Billy Porter has a fun and flamboyant turn as the fairy godmother and Pierce Brosnan as the king goes amusingly off the rails at the end. As for the mice, well James Corden knows what to do but James Acaster and Romesh Ranganathan were out of their depth. It’s a colourful film with great costume design, diverse singers and dancers, and it does take a refreshing approach to the well worn story. But I’m just not sure if I actually enjoyed it and geez, cinematographer Henry Braham’s seeming love for contrasting overly crisp, clean images with blinding sun glare and flare in several scenes was quite irritating.