Hereditary ★★★

A film that did alright in its first and second acts and then went a bit off the rails in its third, falling into some typical horror tropes. It remained visually smart and I particularly enjoyed the nods to Oni Baba (which created a fun moment in the theater where different members of the audience noticed what was hiding in the corner of the frame at different times) and, of course, Rosemary's Baby (to which this film is most strongly indebted).

It would have been nice if the family trauma that the film was built around had more logically informed the big ending - something that another first time horror filmmaker, Robert Eggers, did to perfection a couple of years ago with The VVitch, but there was still enough going on in this to make it interesting.

While not quite up to the breathless critical praise that this has received, this is a strong film from a first time feature director. Special praise also needs to be lavished upon Colin Stetson's deliciously ominous horn and string-driven score.