Cats ½

Ironically, the same thing that keeps Cats from being a good bad movie is the same thing that keeps it from being good movie: a total lack of creativity. Something this wrongheaded really called out for an auteur who could put their personal stamp on it. Instead, we got the most deadly combination - a film that wasn't just bad, but also unrelentingly dull.

UPDATE (Fall 2020):

Sometimes I think of CATS and start to feel like some kind of poor slob of a Lovecraft protagonist who has seen too much and will forever be driven insane by the evil + otherworldly knowledge I’ve unwittingly absorbed.

I realize also that the previous popularity of CATS: the musical is kinda proof that the seeds of the cursed world we currently live in were always there, waiting to grow into the malignancy that is this year of unrelenting horror.

And this is before they even release the butthole cut.