Spencer ★★★★★

Absolutely one of the best films of 2021! and yes, Stewart really does deliver a remarkable performance that deserves a strong degree of praise. While watching this film, one of the ideas I kept turning over was how this film so perfectly bucks with trends on depicting historical figures and events through a lens of realism. Really in these films its not about just depicting what is already known and to tell a comforting story, but to use these figures to delve deeper into who they were and what their experiences can tell us. Its striking how a lit fire in one memory can draw perfect attention to the inadequacy of choosing to pile on more blankets in the present. Finding true love and support can be a joyful thing that brings such warmth, as opposed to the coolness of gestures and symbols alone. Finally, the way this film plays with history, both on the macro level in a perfectly executed parallel and the Diana's personal history was just exquisite. Overall, this was just an impeccable film!

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