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This review may contain spoilers.

Oh, this is definitely one I am going to be rewatching soon so I can piece these threads together from the beginning. Once again, I got got by getting sucked into focusing on Johnson's left hand as his right hand came to tap me on the shoulder to put me to the answer that is so simple that it is so easy to overlook. And yet! I fell into the trap in seeing one person's name bandied about (and after seeing it, I can say with good reason!) for awards play so that sort of reinforced the expectations this film builds up of being so over the top pointing towards this person,,, that in my mind all of the comments about Johnson nailing Elon Musk dead to rights just were sorted into "oh that is probably because snarky shade was thrown or his own incompetence got him killed" and the answer was both yes and no, not in that exact way. Once again, Rian Johnson has me saying What A Picture!

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