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  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    One of the most boring, overrated movies to come out in recent time, Wanted to turn it off halfway through Can't understand how this gets 3.9 stars, No story, No emotions, just dull, so slow and so predictable and there was no fucking dialogue or a storyline, spend your time on something else, Might as well turn off the tv and stare at it for an hour and half it would more interesting.

    شغل الرجاله كخه والستات مظلومين ومقهورين ده حمض بقي بطلوا كسم حيض

  • Amadeus



    موتسارت انا بحذرك فيينا مدية الفن والفنانين لن تقبل ماجن زيك

    موتسارت انا بحذرك نوتاتك عاليه

    احا نييك احا نيييك دي اجمد حاجه انا سمعتها في حياتي ده صوت الاله