The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man ★★★★

I’m not usually one to pontificate about the “formula” for Marvel movies, but it is obvious that exists when you see a movie without the stain of one. Perhaps the grotesque imagery of the lizard mouse, the dingy alleys of New York, and the fact that Peter Parker can be a complicated character all played into the way that this movie holds its own not just as another Spider-Man adaptation, but as a movie. 

The superhero genre is over saturated. Maybe it’s time to re-examine what made it so popular. Yes, this movie showcases tropes, but so do most movies. I find it interesting what changed and what stayed the same from this adaptation to others, and from the comics to this. And even though this Peter Parker doesn’t use webs from his own body, it surprisingly isn’t a very difficult leap from “got bitten by spider” to “being spider,” whereas Marvel’s Spider-Man leaves that part to the audience’s imagination. 

In summary, I don’t even know. It was darker than Marvel without being dark, and I liked it.

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