Death Note

Death Note ★★

Love a script that frames the grating sociopath at its center as sympathetic & hopes taking him on a speed tour of the morality spectrum (with each stop delineated by a line of dialogue) will be enough to speak volumes. It's like the movie's high on cocaine, but not in an energetic sort of way -- like it suddenly stops mid-sentence to walk in a different direction, over and over again, until it's left dripping with sweat & unsure of what city it's in. This thing's so consistently hilarious & unbelievable in its try-hard moments that it could function as parody, but everything surrounding death, romance, or L's investigation is colored a whole different shade -- like a shitty beige.

There's a lot of trying going on here, & there are brief moments when Wingard's style actually winds up working, kind-of? Any scene devoid of a lead can find its heartbeat, probably because without real characters, it can finally become a music video. In those moments I'm reminded that this was made by the guy behind 2 good movies. This just isn't one of them, at all.

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