The Room

The Room ½

Ive only just watched this Cult Classic, So bad that it's brilliant . Yes its the worst movie ever made, but its so damn enjoyable, had a blast watching it, had me in stitches, so unintentionally hilarious, even more then Troll 2. Tommy Wiseau writes, stars, produces directs this Badly! The Ed Wood of today, Classic dialogue and quotes like “I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hai Mark.”, “Anyway, how’s your sex life?”, “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket.”, and my favorite scene of the movie “Oh, hi Johnny. I didn’t know it was you.” Some of the worst acting ever on screen, horrible production, pointless strange soft porn scenes repeated throughout the movie with cringe worthy music over the top, The story is confusing, Its a mystery why its called "The Room", If this movie was not intentional then Tommy Wiseau is a genius. This could easily be a 5 star movie, a must see to believe. "O hai, Mark!"

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