M3GAN ★★★

Had a lot more fun with it than I ever thought I would. I mean, yeah, the logic falls apart when you think about it for any amount of time, but for a January horror film about a sentient AI toy that can read complex emotion, despite all the developers seemingly surprised it can do that even though it is something that they literally must have programmed it to do… why the fuck not?

It’s heavy-handed in its themes but I also think they are done well. This movie isn’t trying to be anything other than fun, but there are definitely parents out there right now who will go out to watch this fun horror-comedy and end up rightfully looking into a mirror, and I think that is cool. 

Now officially two movies I have seen where the main characters Patriot Act the population and are still the good guys I guess (shout-out Dark Knight). This would have hit so much harder as a rated R film, it annoys me this was the final cut but it finds a way to work regardless. No more singing in M3GAN 2 please.


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