Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows ★★★

Anarchist bomb plots swept up by industrializing
arms manufacturers in a rush to world war, like a fun
romp through the wikipedia summary of pynchon's
against the day. Watson's afghan war vet is met with
a rival mercenary vet foreshadowing wrath of man?*

Some of ritchie's obsession with reshaping the
contours of time becomes poignant in an explosive
forest battle as developments in guns and bombs
outflank the increasingly limited contemporary
understanding our heroes have of how much
damage weapons can cause and how fast. in lock stock and snatch just classic *freeze frame - record scratch*  “oi, you might be wondering how I ended up here” now evolved into “perhaps we all could benefit from wondering how we collectively ended up here as a civilization on the brink of holocaust”

didn't work as well for me as the first, may improve
on rewatch, although the sort of unnecessarily
widened aspect ratio was complemented by
welcome dashes of previously absent color.

*altho his new one with Jake gyllenhaal as an afghan war vet going back the searchers style to rescue his interpreter sounds like straight up propaganda guaranteed a secure release unlike operation fortune, shelved til next year for featuring Ukrainian bad guys in a plot about hollywood used as a front for an op to stop arms sales, with the irony of Hollywood being used as a front to facilitate even more arms sales to Ukraine IRL lol.

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