A Perfect Game*

A Perfect Game* ★★★★

"Nobody's perfect."

Really good retrospective by Fox Sports of Armando Galarraga's near-perfect game in 2010. It always makes me sad to think about how he came so close to perfection and how it was all ruined by a blown call by umpire Jim Joyce, but his initial reaction and lack of a grudge against Joyce is inspiring and impressive - a true show of sportsmanship and forgiveness.

And their relationship after it - even writing a book together - is even more inspiring.

Galarraga's half smile and uncertainty of how to react right after the play is much more mature of a reaction than I or a lot of people would've had. Major props to him for keeping his head.

He nearly had the 21st perfect game in over 100 years of baseball. Wish we'd had instant replay review then.

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