Avatar ★★★

Avatar is not a film I often revisit. Its lack of cultural significance has become a somewhat ironic talking point but, as we move ever closer to the first of James Cameron’s planned sequels, I thought it a good time to reacquaint myself with the world of Pandora.

Away from the grandiosity of the multiplex, I am mostly left bemused at the landmark blockbuster’s basic, broad and often clumsy storytelling, as I am asked to care about Jake Sully, a protagonist played in a typically wooden fashion by Sam Worthington. 

The film’s vibrant spectacle is indeed impressive, and Cameron’s technical prowess is impossible to deny. Of course, I am not as transfixed as I would be if gazing at the big screen rather than my modest home cinema set up, but there is no denying the attention to detail and painstaking care taken with each wondrous frame. 

I’m not sure that The Way of Water can be the financial success needed to warrant the completion of the maestro’s masterplan, though it would be foolish to bet against James Cameron. 

At the very least, I expect moments of dazzling ingenuity, if also a few moments that leave one scratching the head in bewilderment.

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