Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke ★★★

A powerful, eye-opening treatise on drug addiction and cultural malaise. Clearly, the van constructed entirely out of cannabis is a metaphor for the encroaching threat of drug culture; crossing over our borders and always moving, inching closer and closer to our cities and towns and schools where it will ensnare our youth and corrupt the morals of an entire generation. While the climactic concert--wherein a band that can't even play their own instruments becomes an instant sensation because every member of the audience is too high to care--represents the ultimate death of 60's idealism: a lament for the moment when countercultural movements gave up all hope of affecting progressive social change and became solely focused on getting ripped, wasted, and stoned out of their minds. As for the giant joint made of dogshit? Well, I'd say that one speaks for itself. Wouldn't you?

The work of Misters Cheech and Chong is no laughing matter. Sages they were. And sages they remain.

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