M3GAN ★★★½

Entertaining, but flawed.

While M3GAN doesn't reinvent the wheel on killer doll slasher movies, it certainly reinvigorates it. It shares lots of similarities with Child's Play (2019), too much even, but here the approach is miles better. It's much more layered than I expected, dealing with strong themes such as grief, attachment and consumerism. It also has commentary on technology addiction and uses it quite cleverly. The story is litterally two humans who can't quite connect because technology keeps getting between them.

This movie absolutely knows what it is and it embraces it to it's fullest: campy, fun time, goofy, simple, stupid and it doesn't try to be anything more. It embraces it's campyness and awkward moments but it also knows how to get serious, and the balance between them is something to praise. I didn't laugh at every joke but there's definitely some real funny ones in there. Loved M3GAN's one-liners, Chucky style.

"This is the part where you run."

"You ungrateful little bitch!"

The buildup before we get to see M3GAN was too long and whenever we get a scene without her it struggles. Great design and effects, her movements are the perfect balance between robotic movements and fluid human movements so she feels familiar but also mysterious and unsettling. The movie's production design is very minimal and subtle but the set for the house was great and everything in there worked perfectly in representing the aunt's personnality. Loved the interactions between our three main characters and the acting was hit and miss at times but Violet McGraw certainly is a rising star.

What it's missing is some edge, the PG-13 shows a lot. It actually shows that it was cut in some places to make it more alluring to general audiences and that's just sad. Not enough killing, blood, gore and no practical effects... also why only one dancing scene? I wanted so much more!

Overall it was really fun and entertaining but the PG-13 rating keeps it from getting to it's full potential. Now bring me the unrated version! Also, best use of Titanium i've seen.

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