Bros ★½

Hahahahahahahahaha okay I am not the intended audience for this movie (I’m both a huge hater and a trans man, the latter identity touched briefly upon in the film when Bobby injects himself with T and then goes insane) so this is obvious, but wow really not for me. It’s so evident, from script to direction and performance, that this movie tried to anticipate every possible reaction or criticism it could receive, resting on its laurels as the first gay film to be subversive in how un-subversive it is or whatever their press tour spin has been, and as such it became a US Bank Pride 2023 ad. Not like I expect this film to “solve” for all the identities in the LGBTQ community or whatever - it is expected to be a lot of things between genre and subject, I guess - but it is clear that the cis gay dudes behind it all are primarily interested in cis gay hegemony. And whatever, maybe that’s fine, again, I am a hater. ❤️ Bowen innocent, Guy innocent, in many ways Luke innocent?

Loved when TS Madison said “And I fucking HATE STORYTELLING,” because hey, at least we said it out loud!

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