Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

one thing about me, i’m gonna eat up gay toxic female friendships! this was very fun and also very tense omg

the girlies were great. i thought amandla stenberg and maria bakalova did so well playing their characters and straddling the line between naïveté and darkness. myha’la herrold is forever mother, she was so good and i could watch her play insane type a people forever!!!!!!!! wish we got to see some more of chase’s character tbh. and rachel sennott was great comedic relief. 

i also really enjoyed lee pace, there were times where he creeped me the fuck out. i wish pete davidson’s character was played by someone who was actually good. he fell soooo flat to me, lee was carrying the FUCK out of their scene when they “find greg’s body”, and it could’ve been even better.

also, semi unrelated but pete took up so much of the outtakes at the end and it was genuinely so weird and mediocre and unfunny and seemed like he just kept bothering everyone else on set😭 like thanks pete for scaring me in a small space and vaping in my fave and making fun of my accent and creepily staring at me and my costar making out for way too long! there’s a shot of bakalova looking so done in the outtakes, i do not blame her at all. also i feel like with that and the trailer the marketing team was banking on people tuning in for pete when i think most people tuned in for everything but him. the real lesson of the movie don’t invite him anywhere cause it will suck and cause irreparable damage to your life!

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