Weighed But Found Wanting

Weighed But Found Wanting ★★★★★

Maraming klase ng tao ang pinagtatawanan ng kanyang kapwa dahil lang sa may diperensya. Dahil merong hindi tama sa itsura. At karamihan sa mga tumatawang ‘yon ay ‘di marunong tumingin sa loob — sa puso.

Ang puso’y ‘di nakikita ng mata. Para makita mo ito, gamitin mo ang ‘yong puso.

This is my third Brocka film and it's safe to say that his works are peak socio-political commentaries exposing the continously rotting system from inside out - through great performances and well-written real-life stories. And I'd like to take this opportunity to glorify and admire Lolita Rodriguez's award-winning performance; my God she was phenomenal, she should've had a cabinet stacked with Oscars when this came out. I mean that.

'Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang' speaks for itself - literally and told tragically as everything before (and unfortunately until now) was way worse with the existing monotonous and restrictive culture. Still, it's hauntingly reflective by nature. And although apparent, this lens to introduce a bourgeoisie protagonist gives the larger audience a glimpse of how destructive patriarchal relationships and men in power per se can be. This film is both painstaking and hopeful. Technically, everything was gold - great pacing and storytelling, filled with interesting dynamic characters, emotionally sensitive and empowering, and just- so good. This just might be my favorite Brocka film.

The ending is merely reliant on its viewers while demanding the question: what happens next? That moment of silence was scary. Silence is terrifying. Being a bystander enables the oppressors. And the world doesn't need more Cesars. Take a stand.