Venom ★★★½

This was indeed a pleasant surprise. I do not intend spoil or give away anything to you but I don’t think it was as bad as they’ve been saying it is. Yes, it’s not the best marvel film to date (it’s not even close to), neither it is (2016 Academy Award Nominee) Tom Hardy’s best performance to date and tho some of the jokes don’t land very well, it is fun. Of couse, this could’ve worked (in my opinion) much better with a different script, I’d dare to say a better one, but even with the plot holes and all you manage to enjoy the story (even if you’ll probably leave the cinema thinking “oh but wait I didn’t understand why X thing happened......” but you’ll worry about that later) and laugh (I still want to see those 40 minutes that were cut off as well as the R version, but this will do for now). 
I loved every single person on this cast and how they worked together. I loved Tom Hardy playing this role (I love him in any circumnstance, tbh) and I loved his character’s relationship with the symbiote, and of course Riz and Michelle were great as well. 
So, basically, if you’re curious about it, plan to see it or just wanna have fun for two hours, I’d say you stop reading negative comments and  give it a try. Maybe it will surprise you.

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