Happiest Season

Happiest Season ★★★★

I’M SO LATE BUT what a joyful experience, i didn’t wanted to end. it’s cute, honest and a lot of fun. i’ve heard divided opinions regarding this so i wasn’t really sure on what to expect but it was actually so cute. 

i actually expected this to be different than what it actually was —i don’t know how different, or what it means, but i wasn’t quite expecting this. and i’m so glad i loved this the way it is. i thought it was actually gonna focus on the romance and “oh what will my family think of us” side of it, but it’s actually more than that. it’s got the family pressure side, but not only regarding romance/identity. and i think it’s a movie that makes a statement without pushing too hard, or making it all way too melodramatic, which is actually great, so basically, it’s got a fair amount of everything.

on the non-too-bright side, i wasn’t entirely convinced by the two leads’ chemistry (come on, kristen stewart had more chemistry with aubrey plaza and dan levy combined than what she had with mackenzie davis), although that didn’t forbid me from enjoying this. i also felt a little too forced the ending (like everything happened too fast and it was almost too good), but at the same time i don’t think i would’ve liked it any other way —i just wish they could’ve given it a little more time to develop. 

for the things i’ve read, i thought this was going to be a completely different thing (and that harper was going to be really really hard to like? which she was at times but not always), but it was such a cute and heartwarming surprise. it may not be the perfect lesbian/christmas romcom, but it’s not awful, and actually, i think it’s far from being awful. 

anyway @ dan levy please publish my book challenge

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