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  • Love, Guaranteed

    Love, Guaranteed

    in the netflix original romcom LOVE, GUARANTEED, damon wayans jr.’s character, whose name i have already forgotten, goes on 1,000 first dates in the span of 2 years. 1,000 dates! haha i wouldn’t even make it past 20, i joked with my friend malvika. but just how deranged is 1,000 first dates in 2 years? i had to dive deeper to find out. dear reader, i present: the math behind LOVE, GUARANTEED
    damon wayans jr. sets up his 1,000 first dates via…

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  • January



    not really my thing! quite liked the look: the underexposed landscapes, the interpolation of tape footage, the hazy restlessness of youth. but i was never convinced by the romance, which didn't bother me at first but it ended up taking up so much space within the story. and i see what it was going for with the more typical coming-of-age fare getting forcefully interrupted by reality... but those ideas don't culminate in anything more than a way overlong sequence of Jazis walking around filming, still without enough of a sense of who he is behind the camera.

  • God's Time

    God's Time

    oh hell yeah what a blast

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  • The Fallout

    The Fallout


    "i feel like high school sex is very '90s and waiting until college is more now."

    ok i loved this!!! there's so many ways this story could've felt careless in the wrong hands, but megan park knows what she's doing. and jenna ortega! give her all her flowers! there's so much good stuff going on here: warmly written teenagers that feel like teenagers, a through line of empathy, a portrayal of grief and trauma that never panders or feels cliché.…

  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    UNCUT GEMS but make it chaotic bisexual