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  • Romancham



    An enjoyable affair with lot of bone tickling moments.

    Again neat and relatable characterisation from Mollywood. 

    On the flip side- Scarier moments are not scarier, it failed to raise that hair raising goosebump moments.

    Objective of entertaining is achieved

  • Pathaan



    An Action extravaganza powered by SRK’s screen presence and visual grandeur. 

    Pathan promises everything a star driven action entertainer expects.

     Exotic locales, abs flaunting scenes, high tech fancy weapons and vehicles are those expected and brings in the difference for a theatre experience.

    Pathan got it all with heavily backed star power of SRK, John abraham and Deepika.

    Director has put the above key ingredients at right mix which is why he escapes with a not so great story.

    Nevertheless, can be celebrated in theatre with less complaints

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  • Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga

    Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga


    A multi genre thriller, one of its kind ,backed by brilliant writing.

    Don’t want to reveal the genre and spoil the experience.

    Logic loopholes can be excused for the surprises it throws at frequent intervals.

    Yami Gowtham was at her best.  Noteworthy performances from the rest of the cast.

    Technically sound with good production value.

    Interesting watch