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  • In the Heights


  • As Tears Go By

  • Cosmopolis


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    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    i love when a movie with a fun and dumb little premise that reveals its characters inner motives and troubles also operates on a more meta scale and reveals critics & less so fans hypocrisies in how they judge and evaluate directing on a larger scale.

    i've seen seen criticism here about the dialogue, how m night directs actors, and how unnatural it is and how people don't communicate this way. and yet i can't think of a moment in fiction…

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    no idea if the costume designer here has ever been on the 1 train let alone in the heights. zero charisma from Melissa as the lead. should have been dascha who was the most watchable person with almost zero lines whenever she was on screen. Dialogue for white folk. they made a whole movie about the heights without referencing the Yankees and bachata. didn’t see a single good fitted in the whole movie. trash perspective. the scene where Vanessa walks…

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  • They Live by Night

    They Live by Night

    it's wild this motherfucker who looks like he was born a full grown pirate with his eyepatch and never ending half cigarette coming out of his mouth directed some of the most earnestly romantic interactions in american movie history. just an absolute uncanny ability to wreck you with scenes that would have made keats give up writing poems cause he couldn't live up to these moments. moments that feel like you're looking up at the clouds on a sunny 74 degree day and all you can hear is the sound of bees buzzing and the breathing of someone you love laying next to you.

  • Unstoppable


    blue collar pro union storyline.
    all the bosses are greedy and evil.
    all the cops are idiots and useless.
    a movie that realizes chris pine’s ideal look is mining town former high school athlete and not clean cut corporate look.
    denzel’s streak of playing blue collar kings continued.
    a dude with a sick ass truck gets the final interview
    hooters being involved in the storyline.
    denzel and pine bonding on the way to their potential deaths and making each other truly smile and laugh. 

    what’s not to love??? 10 stars.