Kaapa ★★

Shaji Kailas improved from Kaduva to give another mid movie with a "fresh" climax with the thought of woman representation in his movie? Lol.
Fun guaranteed climax,which would have been meant to give goosebumps!
Had hopes in first few minutes of the movie that this wil be a pretty above average movie but it didn't turn out good in any way.
Prithviraj cant stop being fan of Mohanlal- Shaji Kailas combo
Simhasanam wasn't enough,Kaduva wasn't enough,now here is Kaapa which he told is the most kidu film of Shaji Kailas
Meanwhile Shaji Kailas can't stop going back to old Natturajav,Narasimham vibes but have to admit, it was korach less in this movie, dialogues were not very bad as in kaduva..the lighting and camera section was good

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