• Breaking Away

    Breaking Away



    Didn't redeem much from this.

    The score is maybe my biggest issue, so mismatching with the scenes. When there is intense music, I expect intense scenes, not some scene we've seen 4 times already. Dialogue in some scenes is also unnecessary, and the same goes for a few boring non-important scenes.

    I have to add some positive feedback too, and that's the plot. Simple and nothing difficult to understand. An easy watch with your family.

  • Bad Taste

    Bad Taste



    Not bad at all to be the first feature film from Peter Jackson.

    The effects and killings are looking good. I get a bit fed up with all the blood and gore, and some of the music is messy. Other than that I enjoyed it, some funny scenes, and a truly original film. Paceing is good, comedy is good, a fun movie to watch with your elder brother.

  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In



    I’ve never experienced something like this ever. That ending caught me off guard. Normally I dislike kids in leading roles in horror movies. It ruins the seriousness and scary part of the movie for me, but in Let the Right One In, it is perfect. 

    Vampire movies in general are never a hit for me, but I liked this one so damn much. The cold, horrifying and gory vibes it produces, make me never want to watch this again,…

  • Fresh




    Doesnt really care for anyone in this, nethier is it very thrilling. But its not bad, and the killing scenes and fighting scenes are good. The pacing is perfectly done too.

  • 365 Days: This Day

    365 Days: This Day


    Imagine the music from Hannah Montana, the acting from Batman and Robin, and the plot from Fifty Shades of Gray. Then add ad a bit of the predictability from He’ all that.

    Then you get this big chunk of dogshit mixed with sausage milkshake. The fact that I have watched this twice is so sad. My friends wanted to and I had a huge laugh. Hate these movies so much, not more than Marmaduke tho.

  • Mank




    Surprisingly good. Went into this with very low expectations given all the criticism it has gotten, but I think all the Academy Nominations are just right.

    Like my buddy Timmy said, it may not be his best film, but his most personal. I didn't know David Fincher's father, Jack Fincher, wrote this a long time ago. David Fincher made this, with the script his father wrote 30 years ago. That's a bit touching.

    Back to the movie. Gary Oldman…

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing



    First and foremost, it is a very good looking movie. The style and details are nice looking, but you cant blame this on Sal. Kind of stupid and easy.

    "Its so touching", "There is a great meaning behind it", No. Really wanted to like this one, but didnt work out for me. Acting and the funny music is amazing tho.

  • Us




    Certainly helps a lot with a rewatch. This shit was terrific. The first 60 minutes are so damn creepy. The driveway scene, the intriguing scene with the tethered, and how Red(Lupita Nyongo) has this broken and rusty voice. One of the best 60 mins I've watched in a long time.

    The editing tho? Don't know how they even did some of those close-up fights, where you can clearly see the real person and their clone is the same actor.…

  • Get Out

    Get Out



    Watched this in preparation for NOPE and it's way better than I remembered it.

    It starts off with a perfect opening scene. Creepy af. Goes into the first act, get to know the characters, and the second part is amazing. Small details are everywhere, acting is impeccable. Lakeith Stanfield with maybe 10 minutes of screentime delivers a stunning performance. Daniel Kaluuya deserves also much credit.

    Can't write a review without mentioning the score either, that shit was beautiful.


  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden



    How do you even come up with a story like this? One of the best foreign movies I’ve seen, and also one of the best movies I’ve seen. The first act is a bit confusing, but I can't talk about what’s bad in this. 

    So well written and directed. Should be R-rated tho haha. Not seen that many nipples and ass cheeks since who knows when. Loved it, South Korea and Park Chan-Wook, you are goated.

  • Following




    The ending caught me off guard a bit. Thought I knew how it would end, but I didn't. The movie is simple, and for a debut, movie it's not bad at all. The character arcs were good but the acting seemed a bit off. Didn't expect much from this, so a pleasant surprise.

    There's a youtube video where Chris Nolan goes through how he could make the budget of only 6k. Fascinating how he was thinking and didn't spend…

  • Tarantella


    The music is actually a bit good.