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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    If you’re a music lover this is the perfect movie for you. Ryan Gosling is always phenomenal and Emma Stone is so lovely here 😍😍, such a bittersweet ending that left me thinking about how hard life could be sometimes, if you want to achieve your dreams you’re always going to lose something on the way to the final destination, always going to leave something behind, which may or may not be good for you but in order to achieve…

  • Hereditary



    Day 15: Watch a movie with a one word title

    Hereditary vs Midsommar 

    1) It is scarier and more disturbing. 
    2) Some of the main actors reached their full potential.
    3) There were countless jaw dropping scenes, such as the dinner scene and the car scene. 
    4) The structure is more clear, the transition between acts is more defined. 

    1) The visuals and cinematography are better. in my opinion it’s psychologically more disturbing since most of it happens…