What Time Is It There?

What Time Is It There? ★★★★

Tsai is indisputably one of the most seminal artists in this medium and in "What Time Is It There?", every shot strengthens that statement and enhances our appreciation for him. Oscillating between deadpan humour and moments of urban isolation, it's an absurdly funny and stirring story of longing, mourning and loss; actually all these make us to contemplate about the singularity of time and one's belief in post-existence.

Tsai's films never give explicit expression, but at the same time, reflects something deep. "What Time Is It There?" is like a psychological study of desolation that does enough to create a haunting, evocative atmosphere. This film's quirky humour and relatable characters develop a fellow-feeling more than anything for the better cause.

Tsai's film is nothing but an engrossing tale of loss and rejection. "What Time Is It There?" Perfectly addresses the theme of urban alienation and its growing nature among people in current times. By creating alternate reality in your mind or by triggering it desperately doesn't remove the impression of inescapable reality it has created. In conclusion, this profoundly tempestuous and lugubrious film is transparently touching and establishes Tsai among the greatest visual narrators.

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