Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★★★

holy sh*t. i didn't expect to bawl my eyes out today, at a spiderman movie no less, but holy sh*t.
i could not have asked for a better cast or storyline. having all of them back..... working together....... "i love you guys"........
andrew garfield, my little meow meow. perhaps i judged you too soon.
tom hardy's venom end cred scene did me in. i needed him.
i held strong through aunt may's tragic demise, but the tears started flowing when andrew garfield showed up. then tobey. consider me done for.
i think the most emotionally devastating part of it all, for the most far, was when andrew garfield got his catharsis in catching mj. i cried. then i cried harder.
i need to see this again.

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