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Aaron Powell

i make music because who can actually afford to make movies: foglake.bandcamp.com

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  • The Green Mile

    The Green Mile


    this is basically shawshank 2 and that's fine. it took me 4 different attempts to get through the first two hours (painfully slow, predictable, sappy) but the last hour was undeniably compelling. michael clarke duncan's performance is a+

  • Platoon


    leave it to mr stone to make the goofiest fuckin war movie of all time lacking in any semblance of subtlety whatsoever where the vietnamese are simply a nameless body count for a ragtag group of murdering macho dudes to argue with and fight each other so charlie sheen can say at the end "we didn't fight the enemy, wE fOuGht OuRsElveS" like you have got to be kidding me this was so stupid

    this movie is a two-hour long…

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