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  • Mainstream


    this movie is so terrible that I couldn't get myself to complete it. free Andrew Garfield from this movie, what even is this?

  • The Great Indian Kitchen

    The Great Indian Kitchen


    saw Justice DY Chandrachud recommending this movie and I must say Malayalam Cinema continues to shine. Joe Baby's direction especially w/ those close shots in the kitchen amazed me. Completely giving a whole new perspective to 'mundane' chores.
    I hope that mainstream media picks up on this movie and gives it the recognition it deserves.

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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    "A donut hole in a donut’s hole. But we must look a little closer. And when we do, we see that the donut hole has a hole in its center - it is not a donut hole at all, but a smaller donut with its own hole, and our donut is not whole at all...."

    *chef's kiss*

  • Arrival



    I regret not watching this on the big screen, to be able to experience the beautiful score by Jóhann Jóhannsson. The score binds the entire movie together perfectly. It helps in building up the premise of the film and emotions of the viewers. The score holds a lot in itself.

    JJ will forever be remembered for his artistic contributions. Rest easy.