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This review may contain spoilers.

Thoughts after I saw this movie (Originally I gave it a 3 stars):

This is not your average biopic. Sure the events are chronological, but the way in which these events are presented can be personal since they came (in my interpretation) from Diana's point of view. I suggested this movie to my parents since they're mostly intrigued by the British Royal Family (especially Diana), so that's how we ended up watching it.

The music is hit and miss, and some of the soundtrack was so ominous, loud and overbearing that I felt my ears are about to bleed. This is the first instance in which I actively tried to cover my ears in a movie theatre.

Kristen Stewart's performances as Diana Spencer is idiosyncratic and in certain instances moving. I was initially hesitant on the prospect of Stewart playing Diana Spencer, but I was somewhat (originally used mostly) onboard. The rest of the cast did a fine job as well. On another note, it's nice to see that both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have improved/transformed their acting crafts and made far with their careers, after their polarizing periods of fame due to the Twilight series. Speaking of the Twilight series, what the hell happened to Taylor Lautner?

While the movie is certainly depressive and moody most of the times, there are certainly moments of levity and joy. Case in point: Stewart's bonding moments with Sally Hawkins' Royal Dresser character, and the ending when she took young William and Harry out on a drive to London and had fast food together, singing "All I need is a miracle" during the drive.

I never thought that Solomon Lane had a career as a Chef for the Royal Family before he got bored and became a super-agent/villain in the Mission Impossible series. This must be his backstory.

Watching this movie made me realize one thing: Sally Hawkins is an amazing actress. She might not have the best looks, but she radiates wholesome, pleasant and sincere vibes. I would love to spend the rest of my life with a person like Sally Hawkins, no questions asked.

The British Royal Family Fucking Sucks. I sincerely believe that monarchies are obsolete, have done mostly horrid things that holds back human civilizations in general, and serve zero purposes these days apart from occupying public spaces and wasting public money. Therefore they should be abolished.

Edit: After some brief pondering, I'm lowering it to 2 stars because the movie is a painful slog to sit through despite likable and interesting moments I mentioned above. Also, Martin Velev wrote a fascinating breakdown of this movie (boxd.it/2jTRXn), so I might as well plug it here.

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