Moonlight ★★★★½

Mini Scavenger Hunt #3 - January 2017 | Film #7
Task 10: An LGBTQ film with a happy ending
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Moonlight is a beautiful film, both visually and in subject. The script is excellent and the cast brings out their very best, particularly Mahershala Ali. Janelle Monae is also amazing and I hope she keeps acting; I haven't seen Hidden Figures yet but she looks great in that as well. The three act structure tells an emotionally gripping tale that is absolutely enthralling. The third act brings it all together in one of the most emotional climaxes I've ever seen. Visually, this is probably one of the most pleasing films to look at that I've seen in years. The colours are warm and rich; it felt good to look at especially combined with the long, sweeping shots.

Moonlight is an excellent film; worthy of the significant praise. I give it a grade of A.

For anyone reading this who wants to do the February Scavenger Hunt Mini (started by Alex), I'm the host this time round and here is the list!

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