Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★

Theres two reasons I try and watch movies in original version, even if it means reading subtitles:

1. Subtleties in acting cannot be translated in dubs

2. I couldn't get an OV screening of EEAAO in English at a reasonable time and had to be subjected to Ke Huy Quan being voiced by the voice actor who dubs Zach Braff in the TV show scrubs

This muddled my viewing experience a little, but I don't think I would have laughed more over the jokes than I already did....Which is barely. Seeing two rocks talk out their traumas sounds funny, looks funny but at most for a few seconds and it overstays it welcome fast. Hot dog hands just...No. Gross. To clarify, I absolutely love comedy and I'm always down for a good joke, however sometimes the presence of absurdity disrupts the tone negatively. But the Russo brothers produced EEAAO and guess how I feel about marvel movies (I don't care for them). I'll leave it up to this article to unpack the buttplug joke: www.wmagazine.com/culture/everything-everywhere-all-at-once-butt-plug-a24-film-review

In order to understand the different iterations of Evelyn, they are noted by catch-call terms such as "Singer" "Cook" "Kung Fu" but something about being defined by your occupation feels so dark. To reiterate, I understand its usage in the context of the movie, it does come off as stereotypical considering how often we see Evelyn perfom Kung Fu (which is naturally a great way to show Michelle Yeohs stellar martial arts skills)

I'm not the right person to touch upon the theme of generational trauma so I just won't, but reviews that do are in my likes below.

Despite my criticisms, I do have praises to share.

(Even with the fucking German dub) Michelle Yeohs passion for this project shone through in her perfomance. She's an actress I truly admire and can never get enough of.

Ke Huy Quans kind, mild-mannered Waymond is a great counterbalance to Evelyn. His belief in love and kindness resonates with me, as its something try to practice when I feel at my lowest.

The costume design team brought such creative ideas to the table and I sincerely hope this springboards to more opportunities for them.

Lastly, there really isn't a lot of opportunities for older actresses in leading roles, let alone Asian women/women of color. I welcome an addition to this very empty space of representation.

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