Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

Before I start trying to understand what attracts me to a whodunit, I'll state what amuses me the most. Generally speaking, I'm the opposite of a confident person. I'm uncomfortable around people I don't know and hesitant to initiate conversation or speak my mind in an "unsafe" environment. Funny thing is, though, whenever I happen to watch a whodunit, I get pretty cocky. I tend to think, within the first 15 minutes, "HA, this is what happened and who did it, I know it, I've outsmarted you screenwriter, I know things went down like this!". Usually, 5 minutes later my theory is torn apart by the development of the story. And yet, with every new clue, I find a new theory, that I'm certain is true and I immediately tell somebody else, if present, so as to be ensured that no one will doubt me in the moment of my inevitable triumph. You can all understand how all this ends.
Now, what I love about whodunits is a bit connected to what I just wrote. I guess that I just love that everything is laid out in front of you from the start. Not all the clues, of course, but what I mean is that we start with a confined space that the characters are not allowed to leave and which contains everything that is important in order to figure out what happened. I like that it sets limits and, within those limits, it sets new ones. Like, say, we are only allowed to have numbers from 1 to 10. So, 10 numbers, right? Right. But, as the plot progresses, we discover decimals! So, we are suddenly introduced to countless more threads and, yet, the limits from the start have stayed the same: It's still numbers from 1 to 10! And this sense of discovery, the fact that you follow the detective and you hypothetize at the same time is art at its most interactive and that is wonderful.
I know I haven't written about the film yet. It's utterly delightful. Just go see it and accept that Rian Johnson will be making a fool out of you again and again.
Or can you find what happened from the very start?

Every audiobook from now on should be recorded by Daniel Craig speaking like this.

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