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  • Top Knot Detective
  • Kung Fu Hustle
  • Radioactive Dreams
  • Initiation Love

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  • Tokyo Gore Police


  • Encanto


  • Far From the Tree


  • Daniel, the Wizard


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  • Tokyo Gore Police

    Tokyo Gore Police


    Another classic Nishimura. Doesn't have me gasping for air between all the laughing like Mutant Girls Squad did, and isn't as refined and perfected in form and style as his later masterpiece Kodoku: Meatball Machine, but boy oh boy is it good regardless.

    True archetype of the bizarre and weird Japanese splatter- and gore-fest. Mixed with a weird opressive dystopian athmosphere and (hilarious) clips reminiscent of Starship Troopers to set the scene, it just has all the camp, the outrageous…

  • Encanto



    Not my favourite of the newer Disney-feature-films, but hell was it just an enjoyable little flick. Music's catchy enough, a colourful fun cast of characters, and a neat touching little story.

    A bit lacking and predictable from the writing, even for a Disney movie, but eh, I can accept that when it's just that comfy and entertaining.

Popular reviews

  • Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

    Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes


    Pure A E S T H E T I C horror-cinema from Germany. Leave it to an Austrian director to revitalize the genre in this country.

    Equally Edgar Wallace and Giallo in a wonderfully shot spooky castle, with nice nods to both 50's and 60's german culture and just the right sprinkle of pretentious symbolism, so one can feel like a true cinéaste.

  • Dune



    Man, this Lawrence of Arabia remake really is something, man.

    Seriously, this movie is breathtaking. This movie is pure 80's SciFi realized with modern means of filmmaking. And I'm astonished as how a 165 million dollar mainstream movie is able to not only do that to a T, but to also still keep the more esoteric parts of the source material while still presenting something appealing to a more general audience. There's not really a single point where I felt…