City of God

City of God

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

A vicious cycle of violence.

A fitting description to the days and lives of the realized characters in the eponymous favela. (Dubbed as real? it is.)

(I've lost count on how many times somebody pointed a gun at someone else in this film. That's how it is in the City of God. the one with

The cinematography is as gritty as the narrative, from (weird angles describing? the zz) juxtaposes

three-fourths into the film and I've realized that it's the same people . There's no shortage of armed men, no shortage of bodies. Benny, one of the few characters that actually want out of the "game" (see if there's a euphenism used in the film) is killed zzz

kids with guns, what a nightmare
((point out the jazz and soul stuff)

Kid with a camera

Starting with the end scene

ends with the new generation of warlords and drug kingpins.

There's a kind of satisfaction with the film ending where it started, or as the film dubs its final chapter, "The Beginning of the End", preceded by the iconic "knife sharpening"

(These kinds of "real" films have always interested me, as it offers insight to a life I've never lived.)

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