Hereditary ★★★★★

“you didn’t kill her annie
she isn’t gone.”

the fucking freight train that foreshadowing runs heavily through a linear woven tapestry that is this films story is an unforgettable experience with every revisit. I still remember seeing it on a whim with some friends no trailers no nothing and sitting on my thoughts for about three to four months as I found it’d come out physically. every rewatch reminds me just how immaculate and lucky we are to have a writer like Ari Aster in our generation making films right now with the tender care and infatuation for film that keeps the torch carried. unforgettable performances from every person in the room and some of the most brain etching moments you wouldn’t dare forget you’d seen. this is a very real experience of trauma and families falling apart trying to cope with loss, whether or not they’re able to successfully. I’ll always take an extra careful look around the room after this, and continue to think twice about the interactions I have and how they’re handled on the other side. effervescently transcends the line between superstitious and surreal rehashing of old scars. this is a therapeutically intense experience I will always revisit. 

In Hereditary, Ari Aster goes beyond the trappings of genre and delivers true, profound horror. A horror that is primal and inescapable. In order to survive this overwhelming horror, we cast a spell on ourselves.“
- Bong Joon Ho

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