Hereditary ★★★★★

I think sometimes I get in my head so much about a movie being genuinely a true favourite or top 5 for me because a film so recent can’t be so solidified in my mind, can it? the movie could age poorly or a multitude of factors could apply leading to the movie being less good later in life the way some others don’t stand the test of time, but this one I have no doubts about.

I remember leaving the theatre after going to see it on a blind watch with some friends, and I swear Annie’s final scene prior to the ending (avoiding spoilers even though this movies been out a few years now just in case) didn’t leave my mind for a SECOND the months between that viewing and before seeing it again the day it came to blu ray / dvd. 

I could understand arguing why this movie even now may have its flaws or could be argued as not nearly as good as I’ll forever hype it up to be, but at the end of the day the foreword by Bong Joon Ho really said it best. Strongly recommend reading it if you haven’t, in the script book. But to sum it up;

The undivided attention every actor and actress gives to these roles they’ve committed to is unforgiving in the most beautiful way. They’ve all completely given themselves up to the persons they’ve become throughout this film. Whether you consider it a horror or a drama - the dynamic of this family is so unique and even now I know in 20 years I’ll still love it and find new things to appreciate. You feel so much for a family you never even know - and the power of that just isn’t matched much ever.

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